Meet the Team


Swaminathan Natarajan

President of Vericle India Pvt Ltd

Starting as a caller in 1996 at Nittany, one of the largest and early BPOs, I have focused on learning to manage the three key components of an outsourced RCM service, that is, team management, processes, and software.  RCM outsourcing in India has evolved, from payer rules to how claims and denials are tracked, how the staff gets trained to how attachment/appeals were sent, etc. 

The main change is the introduction of the workflows.  As a result of that introduction, what was once people-centric is now knowledge-based. RCM in the past required analysts and callers to pull the data from the system that stored claim status information in order to start the follow-up process.  That data pull from the system was people-driven, and because of that dependency, it was unreliable and error-prone.

Vericle is a game-changing technology in the RCM industry as it epitomizes workflow-driven RCM.  It replaces the old “data-pull” with a “data push” model. Vericle makes sure that the analysts and callers receive just the right information precisely at the required times. This process is reliable, scalable, and it allows for the creation of quality assurance processes.  We strive to make Vericle learn more and with every new scenario become more intelligent so that it helps not just our staff be more productive but also improves visibility to our clients. No matter what stage the claim is, it can be seen.

While the scope of services we offer is similar to what many BPOs offer in India and Phillippines, our big differentiator is the ease of doing this business through Vericle. There are multiple benefits for such software-exclusivity, most importantly, better client focus, scalability, and responsiveness.   That’s what I love about our company.